About the Dreamette

Originally known as the "Creamette" when it opened in 1948, the Dreamette continues its tradition in Jacksonville's oldest historic neighborhood, Springfield, which is just north of downtown Jacksonville.

The Original "Creamette"

Opening Night at the "Creamette"

Picture the post-war scene in 1948. Buicks, Oldsmobile, Ford, G.M. and Chryslers lined down Edgewood Avenue in what we know as Murray Hill on Jacksonville's Westside. Opening night was here and electricity was in the air. Between 1,500 and 1,800 people stood in line at Johnnie Nettles' "Creamette Ice Cream Drive In!" According to a newspaper account, “More than 1,200 cones of Creamette were dished out along with other things.”

Dreamette Ice Cream opening day in 1948
Same Great recipes, New Location

Dreamette Comes to Springfield!

The Creamette, which later changed its name to Dreamette in 1969, is the oldest ice cream shop in Jacksonville. Still going strong, it has made a surge in the 2020s, and we're excited and honored to extend Jacksonville's oldest ice cream shop into Jacksonville's oldest community, Springfield!

While a lot has changed in 74 years, Dreamette is only improving! We have all the original recipes from the original Dreamette in Murray Hill and more. Plus, we take credit cards, as so many have asked.

While we have the Dreamette staples like the famous Banana Split in a Cup and Dipped Ice Cream Cones, new additions to the Dreamette menu include Gluten-Free Cones, Bread Pudding Sundae (sourced from a local Mom), Sugar-Free Ice Cream, Non-Dairy Ice Cream, and even free Pup Cup/Cone for your four-legged furry family members when you purchase other menu items.

Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield Store on North Main Street
Get to Know Us

Meet Jim & Mari

Some dreams come true later in life. That’s the case for Jim and Mari Van Soest. Not only did they meet just a few short years ago, and marry, but they also share a passion for food, fun, and fellowship.

Owning a Dreamette is much more than just serving their customers ice cream through a window. After 33 years of nursing and caring for people, Mari is eager to use those compassionate qualities to serve customers with a smile on her face instead of an expression of concern. Jim, being in the car business for 28 years, is very excited to still watch people drive away with their dream…cone that is. He will also continue his work with Berkshire Hathaway to help people find their dream home.

Jim and Mari desire to share love through ice cream to Springfield and the surrounding neighborhoods, and although this journey hasn’t been an easy road, with construction and building delays, they feel it’s all been worthwhile. If they ever started to doubt or worry, all they had to do was meet some of the young adults eager to be a part of this Dreamette team, and their fears vanished. “Our team has been tremendously loyal and dedicated through all the delays, and we are so incredibly thankful for them.”

Jim and Mari are still reeling over how God has brought their lives together in the past few years. And now this opportunity is, if you’ll excuse the pun, the cherry on top!

They can’t wait to see you all face to face, and to give you one of the best memories you will have, as a family, a child, a senior, or even a dog! So come and say “hi”. They’re hoping you will find not only fabulous ice cream, but some new friends as well.

Jim and Mari at Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield
Dreamette Ice Cream opening day in 1948Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield Store on North Main StreetJim and Mari at Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield

Directions to Dreamette Ice Cream Springfield

Located right next door to Fred Cotton's Landmark BBQ on North Main Street, and just across the street from Fire Station #2, the ice cream store is located right off Main Street, just north of downtown Jacksonville.